Live Streaming with Fable

Live streaming technology has opened all kinds of new possibilities for brands to engage with their audiences. Whether you need webinars, events, or creative social content, Fable can create a unique live video experience for broadcast on a variety of platforms including Facebook Live, Youtube, GoToWebinar, Livestream, as well as dozens more.

Example of our Livestream Setup with 3 Cameras.

Example of our Livestream Setup with 3 Cameras.


Fable's live streaming service is built around Livestream's HD550 4K device. This highly portable switcher/encoder/streamer allows a flexible "spoke and wheel" approach where we can add up to five cameras and stream directly to a variety of platforms. Any 4K or HD camera can be used, though the Panasonic DVX-200 is currently our default selection for most event broadcasts. Additionally, the HD550 provides video output as a web camera for use in applications such as GoToWebinar.



Depending on the needs of the show, we can create custom graphics to display throughout the broadcast.

Webinar Still_01.jpg


Every camera angle is recorded so that the content can be fine-tuned in an edited version. The actual program is also recorded for fast and easy uploading of the finished show.