Production Equipment

The following equipment is available "in-house" primarily for our own shoots but many of these items are also available for rent. Please contact for more information.


Panasonic EVA1 Package

  • PL Mount (can be converted to EF mount)

  • SmallHD 502 Bright Monitor

  • Vocas VCT Shoulder, Rail, and Handle System

  • (5) V90 Rated SD Cards

  • (4) Core SWX Nano Batteries w/ D-Tap for Monitor/Accessories

  • Sachtler DV 12SB Head and Miller Solo Legs (100mm)

Sony A7Rii Package

  • Available Mounts include E-Mount, Nikon, EF (electronic), PL

  • Battery Grip and AC Adapter

Odyssey 7Q+

(2) Panasonic DVX200 Camcorders for Event Capture

Arri Alexa Mini, Canon C300 MKII, RED EPIC/SCARLET, Sony FS7, and other cameras also available via subrental.


Angenieux Optimo Style Zoom Lens f/2.8 16-40mm PL or EF Mount

Angenieux Optimo Style Zoom Lens f/2.8 30-76mm PL or EF Mount

Bright Tangerine ViV 2-Stage Matte Box (114mm clamp on)

Schneider 4x5.65 Polarizer and Clear filters

Zeiss 100mm Makro Planar (Nikon)


(1) Rayzr 7 LED Fresnel (equal to 575w HMI)

(2) Astra LED 1x1 BI-COLOR with Anton Bauer Battery Plates

(1) Kinoflo Diva 400

(2) Swintronix TorchLED Bi-Color Fixtures

Arri Fresnel Kit (650w, 300w, 150w)

Additional fixtures, Joker HMIs, Arri Skypanels, various 1K-5K fresnels (Arri/Mole), Arri M18, etc. available via subrental.

Production "Sprinter" Van - Ram ProMaster 2500 High Roof

1/2 Ton Grip Package

  • (6) C-Stands

  • (2) Low Boys (with caster wheels)

  • (3) Arri Light Stands

  • (1) 4x4 Solid Silk

  • (2) 4x4 Bead Board

  • (2) 2x3 Solid Silks

  • (2) 2x3 Flags

  • Sandbags

  • Popout 4-Surface Reflector/ultrabounce/gold/diffusion

  • Gel Rolls (ND .9, Minus Green, Full CTO)

  • Apple Boxes

  • 100mm Hi-Hat

  • Dana Dolly with 4', 8' speedrail and 75mm/100mm donuts (additional speedrail lengths available)

  • Superclamps, cardellini clamp, pony clamps, magic fingers, etc.

  • Rubbermaid Cart

  • Rock N' Roller R12 Cart with carpeted shelf

  • 4' Step Stool

  • 10' Step Ladder

Fold up shelving for camera and lighting cases (fits almost all standard Pelican/SKB style cases)

Ladder/speed rail roof EZglide roof rack

Backup camera

Easy access to local 1-Ton and 3-Ton grip trucks with excellent gaffers, grips, and electricians.


  • Livestream 550HD 4K (

  • (6) Motorola RDU4100 radios with handsets and earpieces

  • Sennheiser AVX wireless lavalier kit

  • SDI/HDMI/XLR Cables

  • Savage paper backdrops (various colors/sizes)